David & Deborah Crone Guest Speakers-March 30 & 31

We are so excited to have David and Deborah Crone visit us on March 30th and 31st! They have been like a father and mother to Hill Country Church, and we are honored to have them for two special services.  We encourage you to come on Saturday at 6:00pm and Sunday at 10:30pm as they impart and speak life into the body.

Dave and Deb are apostolic leaders that have served as senior leaders on the core leadership team of The Mission for over 25 years. While at The Mission, they helped transition a local church into a global ministry that provides resources for their region and the nations.

David serves as the International Director of Mission Fiji and Deeper Life, Philippines – Mission sponsored Supernatural schools in Fiji and Philippines. He is the author of Decisions That Define Us, The Power of Your Life Message, Declarations That Empower Us, and Prisoner of Hope: Captivated by the Expectation of Good.

Deborah is the Project Manager for the Mission facility remodel and development. She is an accomplished artist and is one of the primary prophetic voices at The Mission. She is recognized as a woman with great revelation and insight whenever she speaks.